Choosing the Best Bed for a Good Night’s Sleep

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND
Many people make a mistake that robs them of getting enough sleep. While keeping your bedroom quiet, dark and clutter free is important to your quality of sleep, none of that will make a difference if you have the wrong kind of bed.
Size does matter. You need the right size bed so you have to room to sleep at night without feeling like you are being cramped or confined to a small space. Quality matters, too – in every component of your bed.
Starting with the frame, if you have a poorly constructed frame, it will not support your box springs or mattress correctly. Your frame should not bow, have cracks or be warped anywhere. Your box spring is the base or foundation that keeps your mattress in good shape. 
A poor box spring will cause your mattress to lose firmness and can contribute to the developing of worn places. You need quality in your mattress and your mattress cover. The wrong mattress cover will give you an uncomfortable night sleep because it will not keep away moisture and you will wake up feeling hot and sweaty.
The right mattress cover can cut down on allergens, too. Your pillows and blankets should also be top quality. Everything needs to be optimal in order for you to achieve a deep slumber.
Beds are not supposed to make noise when you turn over or shift your weight. If a bed does this, it is not the right one to buy – and if you have one that is noisy, it may be time to replace it.
For the amount of hours that you have every day to get a comfortable night of sleep, to put up with less than the best bed is a mistake. Your bed is the key to how you are going to function in your waking hours.
It is the key to good back and muscle health. It is also the key to looking and feeling rested. How can you know if it is time to replace the bed? If your mattress is older than 10 years, it is time to start looking for another one.
The reason that mattresses have a certain number of years on the guarantee is because graduating up to that timeframe, a mattress slowly starts to wear and then gives way to worn places, broken springs and more.
Having a mattress that is poor quality or too old is the reason they sag. If your body dips on the mattress when you lay down and you can get up and still see a sunken in spot, it is time to replace it. If your mattress has lumps, you need a new one.
When you are choosing a bed, ignore the price and the hype associated with any of the names on the mattresses. You want to choose a bed based on how it suits you and do not take a salesman’s word for it.  Feel the material if you are buying from a store. If you are ordering online, pay attention to the reviews.

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