Nutritional Supplements to Help Prevent Illness and Disease

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND
Often times, we find ourselves running to the drug store or the all-night clinic so that we can feel better after catching a cold, or worse yet, the flu. More often than not, we are all so busy that there is no time for preventative maintenance when it comes to our health.
However, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure when it comes to preventing illness and disease. If you invest a little time and a little bit of money into preventative medicine and techniques, chances are that you will be spending less time and money at the doctor’s office and clinic down the road. 
There are many ways to prevent illness and disease: 
* Proper nutrition
* Vitamins and supplements
* Good hygiene
* Homeopathic remedies
One of the best ways to prevent illness and disease, however, is in the nutritional supplements you take. Truth be told, many individuals are so busy that cooking, exercising, and even sometimes washing your hands an extra time or two throughout the day are all a struggle.
A dietary supplement is meant to enhance your nutritional value, not replace it. The most common form of dietary supplement is a multivitamin and mineral supplement.  Traditionally, many individuals take more Vitamin C during the winter to prevent colds and flu, and more Vitamin D due to lack of adequate sunshine. A multi-vitamin with minerals is commonly taken all year round to help prevent disease and keep the body’s immune system running optimally.   A multivitamin and mineral gives you a little bit of everything but not a whole lot of anything to worry about toxicity levels.  It will offer you the needed cofactors for your cells to carry out necessary enzymatic activity for energy production and as well as general well being.
Some people even rely on herbal remedies to prevent illness and disease. Remedies such as Echinacea and Astragalus can help you with your immune system.  While milk thistle and burdock can help to keep you liver healthy.
As always, if you are not sure of what supplement to take or if you are concerned about a particular illness, perhaps one that is hereditary, speak to your naturopathic doctor and find out which supplements he or she would recommend for that particular illness or disease.

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