Mineral Makeup Techniques DVD

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Mineral Makeup Techniques DVD

Learn how to apply mineral makeup with Leslie Graham, award-winning professional makeup artist.

This DVD includes 4 makeovers with two hours and 25 minutes of the best makeup ideas. This makeup video was featured in Dermascope & Skin Deep Magazine.

Discover mineral makeup, a natural alternative to the many synthetic products on the market. Created with minerals and botanicals, mineral makeup provides a long list of benefits, which may include natural sun protection, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and more. And you are going to love the colors of organic makeup, ranging the full spectrum of soft matte to rich shimmery pigments, loose or pressed.

In this makeup video, Leslie demonstrates step-by-step professional techniques for applying mineral makeup to achieve natural daytime looks on four models of different skin tones. Then Leslie shows you how to build on the results to create four dramatic evening looks.

From prepping to the final touches, she covers it all so you can learn how to apply makeup.

Step-by-step instructions show you how to:

  • Select mineral makeup for your professional makeup artist kit
  • Choose proper tools
  • Clean and sanitize your product and tools
  • Prep a client’s face
  • Apply and blend makeup on the brows, eyelids, eyelashes, cheeks, and lips for both day and evening looks
  • Mix to create custom colors.

Products demonstrated include toner, day cream/moisturizer, eye cream, primer, concealer, foundation, brow pencil, brow wax, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, bronzing powder, lip liner, lip color, lip gloss, and mineral mist.

Strengthen your core knowledge and develop new skills with this award winning instructional video. Learn to create flawless full-face makeup looks for women with lighter and darker skin tones. Leslie has years of experience working with women of many different races and skin tones, and she shares many industry secrets for creating the most beautiful looks suited to darker and lighter complexions.

In this step-by-step instructional video, Leslie uses her attention to detail to shine light on the many secrets and misconceptions with how to apply makeup. Now is your chance to learn from an expert makeup artist how to go from initial setup and skin preparation to a camera-ready look.

Leslie discusses her preferred methods for applying a flawless base to blend with the natural skin tone and refine imperfections to create a smooth, even canvas. Learn how to create perfect brows, and learn about specialized tips for contouring and highlighting different skin tones.

Watch as Leslie shows four full demonstrations on face makeup, ranging from natural everyday looks to dramatic and glamorous red-carpet ready looks that clients are seeking from professional makeup artists. Learn how to do makeup to achieve different looks and master the advanced techniques to make any client feel beautiful.

In this makeup video, you will learn

  • How to apply mineral makeup
  • How to use professional makeup brushes
  • How to apply foundation makeup
  • How to put on makeup to contour the face
  • Makeup ideas to hide blemishes
  • How to apply eye makeup and eyebrow makeup
  • Makeup ideas for lip makeup
  • What to include in a professional makeup kit
  • Makeup tips from a professional makeup artist
  • How to become a makeup artist
  • How to do natural makeup for designer makeup looks

The step-by-step demonstrations in this makeup tutorial are detailed and very easy to follow.

This makeup video will help a new or experienced makeup artist learn how to do these professional makeup techniques.

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You have the best videos! It’s like being right there in class. –Katherine Blanc, California

Love Aesthetic Videosource DVDs and Jumozy courses! They are terrific, great quality and affordable. Keep it up guys! –Cindy F., USA

Absolutely love this company! The videos always give a little something extra and the quality is always wonderful. Super informative and well scripted / filmed / positioned for the highest level of learning. –Elizabeth B., USA




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