Tips for Keeping the Proper Bacteria Balance

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND
It is important to have the perfect balance of both good and bad bacteria in your gut. Here is how you can make sure that you keep the good kind of bacteria where it should be.
Healing Your Gut
If you are eating a lot of sugar, you are feeding the wrong kind of bacteria to your gut. You are more prone to getting diseases than getting and being healthy. Instead, you’ll want to promote the good kind of bacteria which will keep you healthy and prevent any diseases.
You can fix any damage to your gut and keep a proper balance by optimizing your diet. You can do this by adding fermented foods like dairy and vegetables. Another option is to add a high-quality probiotic to your diet.
Probiotics are very important partners with the defence system of your intestine. Optimizing your gut’s health should be started at a very young age. Many babies nowadays are not getting the natural healthy infusion of the beneficial gut bacteria. The earlier this can be corrected, the better it will be.
Breastfeed your child if at all possible because bottle feeding places a heavy toll on the baby’s intestinal health. For mothers who are breastfeeding, if you are not including fermented foods into your diet, you should consider taking probiotic supplements – especially if you are consuming a lot of processed foods.
Taking Probiotic Supplements
As human beings, we tend to consume a lot of sugars and grains. Everyone should take probiotics because it is a helpful start to a new and healthy recovery. The best source of probiotics come from naturally fermented foods. These foods should always be your first choice.
If you do decide to add supplements, look for and use the high potency, multi-strain variety and delayed release.  One of the best ones in the market is “Wise XS Probiotic” by Wise Vitality ( Probiotics are also especially helpful if you are going somewhere where you are highly susceptible to diarrhea. “Wise XS Probiotic” is a great choice for travellers because it is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated.
Having an imbalance of good and bad bacteria can lead to some pretty serious illnesses. If you have eaten lots of junk food in your life, especially every day, your gut could be in danger of having an imbalance. But, your gut could also be in danger because of the usage of antibiotics. Antibiotics can attack the good bacteria in your body, causing an imbalance.
There are things you can do to treat any damage done, though. This will prevent anything going seriously wrong in your body. Probiotics is a very important thing that you can start adding to your diet. They do not just prevent you from getting diarrhea from traveling. They can also correct any damage junk food and antibiotics may have done to the good bacteria in your body.
You may not think that your gut is important, but it is. It plays a big role in keeping you healthy. Take good care of yourself. By taking probiotics, you can do that.

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