Tips for Preventing Illness and Maintaining Optimum Health

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND
Habits are easily made, but not easily broken. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make good habits just as easily as we made bad ones? If you stop and think about it for a moment, it is such a great idea to form optimum health habits rather than complain when we get sick, once again.
Preventing illness and maintaining optimum health are things that can become habits, with a little practice, intention, and discipline.
A Little Self-Discipline Goes a Long Way
Preventing illness takes just about the same amount of time as being down sick for a whole week, running to the doctor and then running to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. Not to mention the time lost from work, school, family and the home that you need to catch up on after being down sick.
If you set aside a certain date and time and put it on your calendar or on your iPhone with the many apps available, you will see how easy it is to incorporate some “me” time into your day. It is better to discipline yourself a little bit each day in regard to your own health than to be down sick for longer than you would like to be.
If you are like most individuals, then being down sick is not anything that is ever on your to-do list.
Be Proactive
Being proactive beats being reactive when it comes to your health. There are many things that you can do in order to be proactive with your health:
* Take vitamins
* Exercise daily
* Eat right
* Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet
* Drink more water and herbal teas
* Take up practicing yoga or pilates
* Take up practicing meditation
* Go for long walks
* Wash your hands more often
* Get proper rest
Be Realistic
Most individuals who are either dieting or trying to exercise go full out and then wind up falling down and falling hard. When it comes to your health, rather than going full out, try incorporating one or two new things into your daily routine until they become a habit.
For example, add one or two new vegetables per week into your usual diet fare. Do not go out and buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables with an oversized desire to try them all at once and then only to wind up throwing them away.
Try adding some vitamin C and vitamin D to start with during the winter.
Being realistic and not overshooting your health goals will result in the ability to prevent illness and maintain optimum health.

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