Which Sleep Aids Are Best?

If you ask anyone who has had any form of insomnia how they feel, they will readily admit how this health problem can wreak havoc on the body. Without the proper amount of sleep, you do not feel well and you cannot function right, either.
But if you have done all you can to bring on a good night sleep – like having a comfortable bed, sleeping in a darkened room and avoiding anything that stimulates the senses like caffeine – and you still cannot sleep, then you need some extra help.
If you cannot sleep because there are noises keeping you up at night and you don’t like ear plugs, then use a machine that produces white noise or use a CD that has soothing nature sounds like crashing ocean waves or the sound of a gentle rain.
You can also find some extra help to get to sleep by using sleep aids. There are many different types you can get and some are natural and some are not. If you want to use natural sleep aids, you can try herbal supplements. You can also try exercises to relax or engage in forms of meditation.
There are also natural food choices that can help you get to sleep. You can try having some warm “traditional golden milk” (recipe made with turmeric that can be easily found in google) before bed or drinking some chamomile tea (with no sugar). Some foods, such as those containing magnesium, can also help you get to sleep.  Magnesium is the best mineral that relaxes muscles and general tension.
A natural sleep aid that you can take is melatonin, which helps prepare the body for sleep. Melatonin doesn’t help you fall asleep quicker but it will make sure that the hours that you are sleeping are deeper and therefore help you feel more rested in the morning.  Melatonin is an all-natural aid without groggy, morning after side effects and you can buy it in pill form.

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